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LED Metal Flashlight Lamp price
&#37436;?Our History
Xiamen Xieer Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded on February 11, 2009.
Start product design, R&D and sales with annual sales of about $1 million.
Since 2013, the number of customers has increased, the development of new products and the expansion of production. The annual sales amount is more than 50 million US dollars. Sales in 2018 exceeded $100 million.
&#37436;?Our Factory
The company has been engaged in the production of LED lighting products for 11 years. The company has rich experience in product research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. The company's advanced production equipment and excellent design and management personnel, with a variety of LED lighting product design and production management capabilities, to ensure that product quality meets customer requirements, and has obtained certification from relevant countries.
&#37436;?Our Product
The main products are LED Christmas lamp, LED street lamp, LED tube lamp, LED floodlight, LED buried lamp, LED wall lamp, LED flashlight, LED reading lamp, LED emergency lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED industrial and mining lamp, solar street lamp, solar garden lamp, solar lawn lamp, LED automobile lamp, etc.
&#37436;?nbsp;Product Application
LED products are used in indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, night scene engineering, Christmas festival, emergency lighting, student reading lighting, diving lighting, infrared lighting, automobile lighting, etc.
&#37436;?nbsp;Our Certificate
2009.6 Achieved CE RoHS Certification
2009.8 Achieved ISO 9001 Certification
2009.12 Obtained ISO14001 Certification
2015.6 Achieved PSE andCSA Certification
2016.9 Acquired the new CE RoHS certification
&#37436;?nbsp;Production Equipment
Integrating sphere, automatic welding machine, wave soldering machine, power tester, illuminometer, aging equipment, high and low temperature aging equipment, high and low humidity aging equipment, spraying equipment, insulation and voltage withstanding equipment, etc.
&#37436;?nbsp;Production Market
The product group will sell to Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Australia and Africa. From product design, quotation, sample delivery, small batch orders to batch orders, customers gradually get recognition, the company's customers increase, orders also increase.
&#37436;?nbsp;Our Service
The company adheres to the principle of customer first. Know the style, specifications, dimensions, product functions and other customer requirements in detail before sales and List in detail in the contract. Problems in production are communicated with customers in time. The problems that need to be solved during and after sales are solved by email or SKPY communication. SKPYieerledLED Metal Flashlight Lamp price

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