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Electric Power Steering manufacturers
The electric power steering system (abbreviated as EPS) is a power steering system that directly relies on the motor to provide auxiliary torque. Compared with the traditional hydraulic power steering system&#38171;&#22298;PS&#38171;? the EPS system has many advantages. The EPS is mainly composed of a torque sensor, a vehicle speed sensor, a motor, a speed reduction mechanism, and an electronic control unit (ECU).
In the development of the car, the steering system has gone through four stages of development:
From the original mechanical steering system (MS) to the hydraulic power steering system (HPS), then electronically controlled hydraulic power steering (EHPS) and electric power steering (EPS).
The basic principle of EPS is that the torque sensor is connected with the steering shaft (pinion shaft). When the steering shaft rotates, the torque sensor starts to work, and the relative rotational angular displacement generated by the input shaft and the output shaft under the action of the torsion bar The electric signal is transmitted to the ECU, and the ECU determines the rotation direction of the motor and the magnitude of the assist current according to the signals of the vehicle speed sensor and the torque sensor, thereby completing the real-time control of the assist steering. Therefore, it can easily realize different assisting effects of the motor when the vehicle speed is different, and ensure that the car is light and flexible at low speed steering, and stable and reliable when driving at high speed.
The electric power steering system is developed on the basis of the traditional mechanical steering system. It uses the power generated by the electric motor to help the driver to perform the steering operation. The system is mainly composed of three parts, the signal sensing device (including the torque sensor, the angle sensor and the vehicle speed sensor), and the steering assist mechanism (motor, clutch, reduction transmission mechanism). And electronic control devices. The electric motor only works when power is needed. When the driver is steering the steering wheel, the torque angle sensor generates a corresponding voltage signal according to the input torque and the steering angle. The vehicle speed sensor detects the vehicle speed signal, and the control unit gives a signal according to the voltage and the vehicle speed. The command command controls the operation of the motor to produce the required steering assist.

Packing Details:
1. Plastic Bag or Bubble Bag
2. Paper Box
3. Wood Pallet
4. Normal Packing or Customized Brand PackingElectric Power Steering manufacturers

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