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Tea Pots manufacturers
Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel
The tea pot series can operate as an elegant serving system for pouring drinks whether they are hot(coffee, tea) or cold. The vacuum pump helps the stainless steel container to prevent spilling and adds to the insulation effeces.
We choose stainless steel for the production of these tea pot jugs because of its unparalleled durability along with its great appearance.
1. Product Introduction of the Tea Pot
The well-designed BonJour Tea Glass Teapot with Shut-Off Infuser is an elegant way to brew and serve teas wherever and whenever you want to relax. The beautiful hand-blown teapot is crafted from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and features a gleaming stainless steel lid, knob and infuser basket. Simply place loose leaf tea into the infuser, set into the carafe, and pour in hot water. Holes in the basket allow teas to come into ample contact with water; an ingenious plunger then seals wet leaves away to stop brewing. Handwashing the teapot is recommended.
2. Product Introduction of the Tea Pot
Model NO.: WY-G332
Type:Tea Pot
Style:Glass Tea Pots
Processlng Material: Tea
Material:Glass + Stainless Steel
Package:One PC/Bag/White Box
Main Keyword:Tea Pot
Specification: 750ml;1300ml
Capacity:1~10 Cups
Usage:Home Use,Commercial
HS Code:7013490000
3. Product Feature And Application of the Tea Pot
Ultra clear glass teapot with stainless steel infuser.includes micromesh stainless steel filter for loose teas or blooming teas
This teapot is purely hand crafted, made from heat resistant glass. Dishwasher top rack safe or hand clean.
4. Production Details of the Tea Pot
5. Introduction of factory production and packaging
6. Tea Pot Usage method
7. Glass, the ancient people call it flow glass or glass, is a kind of colored translucent mineral. Tea sets made of this material can give people a bright color and light color. Although the production technology of coloured glaze in China started early, it was not until the tang dynasty that the western glazed ware was introduced continuously with the increase of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges. Placed the unearthed by li xuan out shaanxi famen temple consecrate the element face of ring foot pale yellow colored glaze tea saucer and element face pale yellow colour, is authentic Chinese glass tea set, although the original shape, decoration, simple show mixed texture, transparency is low, but it shows that China's glass tea set has started in the tang dynasty, at that time is a precious thing in the world. Yuan zhen in the tang dynasty wrote poems praising the glaze, saying that it is "colored with cold ice, no matter separated by the dust. Like a feast, you can see the jade. No wonder that in the tang dynasty at the time of the temple of the Buddha, the temple of the Buddha, also made the glaze tea set into the offerings. In the song dynasty, China's unique high lead glass ware came out one after another. Yuan, Ming, the larger glass workshop in shandong, xinjiang and other places. When the qing emperor kangxi, also opened a court in Beijing liulichang, just from song to qing, although have coloured glaze device production, rare and value, but more is given priority to with coloured glaze artwork production, only a small amount of tea products, has not formed glass tea set the scale of productionTea Pots manufacturers

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