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wholesale acrylic homopolyacrylonitrile fiber filter felt

Fushun New Oriental Industrial Filtration Co., Ltd. is a technology development, production and trade as one of the accessories professional company of bag-type dust remover.
Company has three non-woven production lines in high-speed acupuncture method, a glass fiber needled felt production line, complete all kinds of special equipment consisting of a filter bag sewing production line, a Filter cage production lines. It can produce under normal temperature, medium temperature, high temperature resistant needled filter felt series products, glass fiber needled felt series products; Sewing and processing a variety of specifications of the filter bags, annual productivity is 5 million square meters.
Company has a close cooperation with Northeastern University, Shenyang Lv Mei Institute, Guiyang Lv Mei Institute, Beijing Iron and Steel Institute, Hefei Cement Court, Wu Han An Huan Institute and many other colleges and universities in such as scientific research design department on product development, performance testing, marketing and other aspects, making the development of the company has a solid technical backing.
Company has a higher quality of science and technology innovation team, we developed continuously new filter materials to meet the market demand; There is an innovative market team, overcoming the difficulties in the fierce market competition; well-trained workforce, striving to make progress on product excellence, and a set of strict and pragmatic management system and modern enterprise concept, the "Oriental" brand filtration material has won numerous enterprise trust and the majority of users of Nonferrous Smelting, Black Smelting, Building Materials, Chemical Industry, Food, Pharmaceutical Industry and other industries' flavor, and its market share is increasing, its sales revenue increased year by year.
High Quality Filtration Material is one of the prerequisites for the reliable operation of the bag type dust remover. With the rapid development of the domestic and foreign environmental protection industry recently. Our company will be developed with the progress of technology, information unobstructed as driving force, with major services, making great efforts to provide satisfied service for the users of all works of life by variety of products and serialization and the low price and high quality of "Oriental" Brand Filtration Material.wholesale acrylic homopolyacrylonitrile fiber filter felt

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